Ultimate CD and DVD Data Recovery and Rescue tool (CD Data Recovery). Like winimage, this shareware, lets you backup CDs and DVDs. Very useful if you ever need this stuff back.

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  1. sunwater Avatar

    StompSoft’s Recover Lost Data is a many functioned data recovery software that allows for recovery of data from the following media storage devices including IDE/EIDE/ATA drives, floppy drives, Zip and Jaz drives, SCSI drives, CompactFlash,SmartMedia, digital cameras and USB drives. It is this variety that allows Recover Lost Data to resurrect files off of nearly any media type.

  2. luledg Avatar

    EASEUS DataRecoveryWizard is a complete range of data recovery software
    for all Windows operating system platforms and supports various file
    systems including FAT, FAT16, VFAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 on
    various storage media. EASEUS DataRecoveryWizard ensures safe and precise
    file recovery against numerous threats like accidental file deletion and
    disk formatting and so on.
    For more detail: http://www.easeus.com/

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