Bloglines is cool


Bloglines | Most Popular Blogs. This thing is a combination RSS reader in the sky and a blogrolling application. YOu can find the top blogs for instance. YOu can also see when there is an update. THey have a notifier that runs in OSX, Windows or within Firefox.
Interesting to see the top blogs. I don't know how they figure this out, but the ones are surprising:
* Slashdot. Since this is a still a nerd toy.
* Wired News. Also not surprising.
* Boing Boing. I actually lvoe this one
* Google Weblog. A little bit of a surprise, but the IPO causes much intereste.
* Dilbert. What else, cartoon a day
* The Register. Geek news
* NY Times. I didn't know they had a feed.
* Gizmodo. Surprising how popular this is
* Not surprising
* Cnet Not surprising.
* Thsi sia great oversite.

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  1. Tech Link Dump
    * Geekman discusses LAMPPIX and points toa list of Linux live distributions.  I had no idea there were so many bootable cd variants of linux, this is very cool.* Alienware yokes two GPUs together.  Wow.  If this is a reliable soluti…

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