Cool new utilities from Hack the Planet


Wes Felter's Hack the Planet Weblog. Wow, is guy prolific, some great pointers to links:
* "Hymn": This enables you to play songs out side of the itunes environment (e.g., Unix).
* "Dothan Overclocking": It's in French, but the gist of it is that the new mobile Pentium can be overclocked to 2.4GHz. At that speed, it can beat a desktop Northwood running at 3.4GHz or a Prescott running at 3.4GHz. Amazing, but its because these are all different implementations of the same x86 architecture. Dothan is a 2GHz chip normally, but you can overclock it to 2GHZ. BTW, its actually name is Pentium M 755, the new Intel naming scheme at work. I'll never remember what that means exactly, I'm afraid.