Since we are getting all kinds of new phone stuff, might as well try Bluetooth headsets. I’ve never liked them because they are so gigantic, but a little trolling shows this Bluespoon to be pretty amazing. Just 10 grams and not expensive.
There is a big brother that has a DSP in it that costs $300. Can’t get that. I’ll lose it.
At Impact Wireless, they are now taking preorders with fulfillment in November hopefully. Just in time for Christmas. If you order before tomorrow, they’ll include a free USB dongle that lets the headset connet to your PC for VOIP calls. Cool.
NextLink’s New BlueSpoon “AX” Headset is Here! : Accessories : Sony Ericsson @ Esato. Pre-order your Bluespoon AX at “Impact Wireless”: for $109.95 CAD. If you live within North America, call 1-877-578-7355 or place your order online at For those you live outside North America please send an email to with your contact information, which to include country, time zone, and what time is best to reach you. Simply redeem coupon HOFO5 during checkout to receive a five (5) dollar discount. Coupon expires October 15, 2004. They are accepting referrals, to find out more please contact them and mention

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  1. martin Avatar

    Thanks Rich! I put in my order. I lost my Jabra 250 and didn’t really like it that much anyway. I don’t like the kind that has to go into your ear.

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