Getting towed


Nothing like getting towed. Actually, it hasn't happened to me since I was 18 years old in Chicago, but that's another Rock'n'Roll High School story.
If it happens to you, here are some things to know:
* "Finding your car": It is actually not very clear where car disappears if you get towed. There are three phone numbers: Columbia Towing - (206) 722-2535, GT Towing - (206) 938-4423, Lincoln Towing - (206) 364-2000. It's going to cost you at least $108(!!) to get your car back plus the parking ticket. You also have to be the registered owner of the car. You have 12 hours to collect the thing before they start charging $6-29/day. What a racket!
* Municipal Court of Seattle - Ticket Payment. You also get a nice ticket as bonus where you get to pay $38 within 15 days. They have an automated system, but it takes 3 days for them to enter tickets into it.

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