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So after talking with “Brad”:, here is what I’m going to get to update my bike and get ready for the 2005 STP:
* | FSA Carbon Pro Elite Compact Road Crank. He uses these and confirms they are just great. $280 from Lickton’s as part number 0086-72. Discontinued now, so “Excel Sports”: has them for $290 also. Replaced by the “SL-K Compact Mega Exo”: which has its own bottom bracket integrated for $350. It weighs 765 grams including the bottom bracket, so effectively the bottom bracket is 220 grams and it is proprietary which is good for FSA, not so good for me 🙂
* “Phil Wood Titanium”:’0158-25′. OK, I’m splurging but I need as ISIS bottom bracket and these Phil Woods wil last forever plus they weigh just 139 grams. The 0158-08 is the 108mm width version. $125.
* “Phil Wood Bottom Bracker”:’0168-16′. OK, you also need special locking rings $30 as part number 0168-13 for English threads (most common type these days). You also need blue Loctite to get them in and keep them in
* “Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Installation Tool”:’2487-00′. $11 for a little magic part. You really need a pair of these to make it easy to install.
* “Campagnolo Record Chain”:’0286-04′. $60 for a chain!!!? They do weigh 259 grams though for part 0286-04. Or you can get for $48 from “”: or $52 from “”: If you a cheap, the Shimano Dura Ace 10 speed “chain”:’0297-00′ should also work, no guarantees on how shifting is. It weighs 304 grams though but is just $33. This is regularly $50 from “Excel Sports”:
* “Superlink”:’0338-08′. If you are getting a chain, get this tool-less chain connector. $7 as part 0338-10.
Then as usual, there are the consumables that matter including. Note for that and, they charge from the Portugal and the UK respectively and it is $6 per order from, $4 per item for Sdeals and $22 for the whole package from
* “Veloflex Pave”: I’ve had great succes with this ultralight tire. Only 180 grams and wears a long time. $45 from It is made in the same factory that used to make Victorios before those got sent to Thailand. “Totalcycling”: also has these for $41. “Sdeals”: has them for $40 plus $4 shipping.
* “USE Alien Carbon Road Seatpost”: or “USE Seat Clamp”: I’ve had the same post for five years now, but I’ve worn through the little screw on the head. $111 from now. $125 for a new one. Hard to assemble the head, but the lightest post around. 27.2mm/270mm long fits nicely. “Pricepoint”: also has them as does Performance.
* You can also get the clamp itself since that is all that is broken for about $22 from “Chain Reaction”: There is a new seatpost adjustment called the “USE Alien Cyclops”: that you can get for $30 that is easier. You get by calling It is not listed on their website but phoned in my order (603-431-3023). Or “”: has it for 15 pounds plus shipping.
* “Campagnolo Bike Computer 31mm bar”: This lists for $31, but you can get for $12 from totalcycling. I’ve current ziptied my smaller mount and it keeps moving.
“Ergolever Hoods”: My hoods got all ruined in a crash and at $30 it wasn’t worth it to replace it, but it doesn’t look great. 12 pounds at
* “M5 Titanium Bolts”: I never had time to get new titanium bolts for my Time Monolink, but Totalcycling has them for $7 each. Don’t know if 12, 15 or 18mm is right though. I’m guessing 15mm.

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