Intel Core 2 Duo Desktops Arrive

Intel’s Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors were announced two weeks ago with much fanfare from the hardware editors and the enthusiast community. Intel had brought a great-performing chip to the market that was faster than every processor currently available and was much cooler than its Pentium-D predecessor. Today, there were a slew […]

Yoku Moku

!>! I picked these butter cookies up on the way through Narita, I have to say they are just awesome. You can buy them in America at Neiman Marcus or Saks, but they are from Japan and get gret “reviews”: there. bq. !>! Yoku Moku Yoku Moku produces some of the finest all natural butter […]

Microsoft Zune to compete with iPod

!>! Well, I’m glad that J and Robbie are on this, nice to know there will be some competition. The 30GB Zune player direct from Microsoft will have Wifi so you can download without needing a PC. Will be about $400 according to rumors, so it will be pricey. They even have a “blog”: for […]

Shanghai Restaurants

John and went to “Ai Wan Ting”: ?????????at the “Superbrand Mall”: (????, Zheng Da Chang Cheng) and had a great meal. Great views and really fresh fish and lobster too. Duane also took use to “South Beauty 881 Club”: (???, Qiao Jiang Nan) in Puxi (we’ve also been to the branch in Pudong) As “Eurobiz”: […]

Bluetooth Headsets: Plantronics 640 and Motorola H5

Well, I seem to have misplaced my Plantronics 640 headset again, so not a bad time to look at the headset market once more. Here’s the recommendations: * “Plantronics 640”: These have come down a lot in price to $65 at newegg. Nice form factor. It is nine grams and loud enough. Main problem I […]

Sonicare Toothbrushes

!>! Connie got these Sonicare toothbrushes for Calvin, but I have to say that I really love them. The only confusing thing is the names of the various versions, so here’s a decoder ring and where to buy them: * Elite (a.k.a Best). They have two models, the Elite 9500 which has two speeds and […]

Sony System Recovery

There are two ways to get your Sony back, first you can create a DVD for yourself. They also ship with an invisible partition with the complete information, but it isn’t very obvious how to do it. “Sony eSupport”:,Kb=CISCV3,Company={46BFA530-E01F-4F7C-B98B-69C2AA06051B},Case=Obj(395689),TS=Externalv4,T=response_case.tem,VARSET_OBJ=395689,VARSET_TOP=TRUE,question=ref(QC):ord(1),question=ref(QB):ord(1) has this and more generally in the “Sony VGN-TX650P”: support FAQ # Choose Start/All Programs/VAIO/VAIO Recovery […]

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