Bluetooth Headsets: Plantronics 640 and Motorola H5


Well, I seem to have misplaced my Plantronics 640 headset again, so not a bad time to look at the headset market once more. Here's the recommendations:

* "Plantronics 640": These have come down a lot in price to $65 at newegg. Nice form factor. It is nine grams and loud enough. Main problem I had with it is that the little pen holder clip broke which is how I lost it. Main issues are that clip and also if you are not careful the headset can fall out of its charging holder.
* "Motorola H5": Potentially the perfect headset but it is delayed until 2007 due to audio quality issues. It is only 5 grams and uses in bone conductance, so you can use it even in a subway!
* "Plantronics Discovery 645": The big brother to the 640, it adds a DSP chip to reduce noise. No word on whether it is worth paying $20 more for this.
* "Jabra JX10": It is bigger and bit wierd looking but it does have a DSP and a nice review.