We downloaded the MVP 2004 demo and Calvin just loves it, unfortunately, because EA lost the rights to MLB, they now only have NCAA Baseball and it is only on consoles, so nothing for our beloved PC. You can still get used MVP 2005 on ebay though. And you pretty much have to have a game controller as well to play it.

IGN: MVP Baseball 2005 Review

It has been an eventful year for sports video games. First, EA bought the exclusive rights to the NFL license effectively pushing all competitors out of the market. Then Take Two struck back by purchasing Visual Concepts and the exclusive third party rights to the MLB license. After all of the wheeling and dealing where does that leave the fans who are just looking to hit some dingers? It leaves us with the third and final instalment of the MVP series, at least for the next seven years. It looks like EA Canada wanted to give us something memorable because MVP 2005 delivers the best baseball experience on the market today. Unfortunately for PC users, this experience is a bit more enjoyable on the consoles.

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