Sony System Recovery

There are two ways to get your Sony back, first you can create a DVD for yourself. They also ship with an invisible partition with the complete information, but it isn’t very obvious how to do it. “Sony eSupport”:,Kb=CISCV3,Company={46BFA530-E01F-4F7C-B98B-69C2AA06051B},Case=Obj(395689),TS=Externalv4,T=response_case.tem,VARSET_OBJ=395689,VARSET_TOP=TRUE,question=ref(QC):ord(1),question=ref(QB):ord(1) has this and more generally in the “Sony VGN-TX650P”: support FAQ

# Choose Start/All Programs/VAIO/VAIO Recovery
# Choose Create CD or DVD so you have an offline backup
# Ch\oose Restore C: drive to delete everything and get back to the factory version of your computer

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