cool sites for geeks and foodies


I’ll translate them in a little bit, but here are some good Chinese reference sites:

??????>IT?? ????. This is a really great site for geek information on everything from computers to cell phones to printers and camera.s

???? – ?????. This is a review site for restaurants and everything else in China. User input is what drives this. Pretty accurate. Uses a Zagat like index for restaurants.

Danieli’s_?????. This is supposed to be the best Italian restaurant in Shanghai. Very expensive though, but good.

??????(????)_?????. This is the list of the top rated restaurants by food quality?

???_?????. My buddy at “”: says Rendezvous is the best Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant in Shanghai. It is actually just terrific, their curry noodle thing is delicious, the curry lamb is really good as well. It is really hard to find though as the Gateway is confusing. It is on the first floor and it is across from Element Fresh in a little area inside the building, there is no signage at all, so good luck.

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