Dead MacBook Pro with Flashing Question Mark

I had the classic, well it worked when I booted, but as soon as I wanted to do real work, it dies problem. Basically, when I try to start the MacBook Pro now, I get the grey screen and the startup chime. Then it sits there doing nothing (I can actually hear the click as […]

Mac DVD Creation for Sony DCR-SR100 Camcorder

Who knew that this would be so complicated. The new “iMovie ’08”: is supposed to do this directly, but the support is just awful if you are going to try it. Here are the list of bugs: * If you are using the 16:9 anamorphic format. What is called widescreen on the camera, then when […]

iMovie 08 lost Chapter Creation!

Apple software is really strange. iMovie 08 is a completely different program from iMovie 06 and you lose an amazing number of features. One big thing is the loss of chapter markets (!!!). You actually have to use an entirely different product Garageband in order to get them back as “”: explains If we didn’t […]

High Quality MP3 CD Backup on the Mac

I normally use Exact Audio Copy on the PC to do my CD backups. This combined with the latest Lame binary usually results in incredible quality particularly at –preset fast extreme settings, so on the Mac, its a little harder. iTunes has an MP3 encoder, but if you want the really best, try “Max”: which […]

Invisible SHIELD for the Nikon D40x

Someone asked me about protecting the really nice 2.5″ screen on the D40x. “Invisible Shield”: is something I use for all my cameras. It is really strong and light piece of plastic. Expensive, but worth it. I used to use for my iPod screens as well, but the new iPhone is just too beautiful to […]

iMovie ’08 support Sony DCR-SR100

Had a chance to download iMovie ’08 and it does indeed “support”: the Sony DCR-SR100. It is a little wierd though, you can’t just drag the .MPG files into iMovie HD, instead, you have to turn on iMovie HD, plug the camcorder in and then it detects the camcorder. It then goes through a long […]

iSquint Resolutions

In trying to get videos on all the many videos down to gadgets, you have to know quite alot to get the maximum resolution and quality, so for iSquint, here are the detailed resolutions you need to know: | Device | Resolution | 4:3 Full Screen | 16:9 Widescreen | Comments | Sony “PSP”: | […]

Blackberry Video

The new Pearl has video and mono sound. The new Curve has video and stereo, so not a bad video device if you can figure out how to encode for it. On the Mac, “”: has a freeware encoder called mencoder and then an automation script that lets you right click on any video and […]

New iMac is faster

There aren’t many benchmarks done, but the new iMac all-in-one is really very fast. It uses the new Santa Rosa chipset and also if you spring for it, they actually use the Core 2 Extreme 2.8 GHz as “Primatelabs”: | iMac | Processor | Geekbench | | 24″ mid 2007 | Core 2 Extreme 2.8GHz […]

San Juan Tides and Rosario Strait currents

Everyone seems to use Captain Jack’s as their tide table, but as usual, online, there are a zillion resources. “”: seems to have a really great list. BTW, for Tuesday, it shows high tide at 3:52AM at +6.7 feet and a low tide of -1.1 at 11:39AM, so basically in the AM, there is an […]

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