iMovie ’08 support Sony DCR-SR100


Had a chance to download iMovie ’08 and it does indeed “support”: the Sony DCR-SR100. It is a little wierd though, you can’t just drag the .MPG files into iMovie HD, instead, you have to turn on iMovie HD, plug the camcorder in and then it detects the camcorder. It then goes through a long process where it creates thumbnails and then imports. Importing takes quite a while so I suspect that it is transcoding the MPEG-2 files into something else.

I sure hope the picture quality is better than the VisualHub transcode into DV format and then import into iMovie HD ’06. On the other hand, I find the new iMovie 08 to be a very strange video editing program. it is completely different from iMovie ’06 and I can see why folks who are used to other editors won’t like it much. Personally, I still like Sony Vegas the best for editing. But maybe that’s because I’ve used it the longest. Also, the iDVD integration doesn’t quite seem to work. I had it work flawless with a video once, but for the latest Sony DCR-SR100 it doesn’t seem to work at all.

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  1. I found your blog during my search to figure out why my Sony DCR SR100 is not being recognized (camcorder or files) by my new mac that is running imovie 08. It appears that you have overcome the same issue. How did you do it? I followed the sequence you described and iphoto pops open and imovie does not even acknowledge my camcorder. Any help you are willing to offer would be very much appreciated – thank you!

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