Bluehost corrupt database

Thank goodness, I knew what this is, on Bluehost, occassionally, the WordPress Options database will get corrupted. The tech guys said they had put some fixes into MySQL, but the fix, if you suddenly get the new blog install screen instead of your blog is that your wp_options table which gives configuration instructions to WordPress […]

Wine, wine, wine…

Shawn was so nice to pick some great quality wines for me. Nothing like taking advantage of 20 years of experience. Particularly these rare Australians and an amazing online merchante, 2007 Mollydooker “Blue Eyed Boy” Shiraz $49.99  $599.88 2005 Kaesler “Stonehorse” Shiraz Barossa Valley South Australia $22.99  $137.94 2006 Henschke “Henry’s Seven” Shiraz-Grenache-Viognier $31.99  […]

What’s Open Saturday Night

For those of us without anything else to do, here is all the shopping you can do on a Saturday: * Ikea (601 SW 41st St, Renton, WA 98057). Saturday 10AM-9PM* Lowe’s (2700 Rainier S). Saturday 6AM-9PM* Macy’s (1601 Third Ave). Saturday 10AM-10PM* Costco (4401 4th Ave S). Saturday 930AM-6PM. So doesn’t open late, but […]

Blu-Ray Disc Shopping has a good review set of Blu-Ray disks by overall, then also by video quality (for demos) and audio quality (for demos). Other sources of Blu-ray reviews are which I found lots closer to my personal tastes. Here is’s top rated list: 1. The Dark Knight (Blu-ray)    Warner Bros. | 2008 […]

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