Calvin pointed out a great site that measure your Footprint on the earth. How depressing. If everyone used as much as I do then we would need 5.2 Earths to survive! Makes me want to renew my Terrapass
to offset another 100,000 pounds of carbon like I did this year 🙂 You should too…

Here was my calculations:

1. Automobiles. 14K pounds
2. Airplanes. Each flight to China is 5K pounds CO2. Wow!
3. Home. Another 50K pounds

So with the Terrapass folks having $1 buy 168 pounds of CO2, the offset is $600 overall.

How do other folks do it? Sustainable Travel has a program as well that is underneath Bonneville Power’s this group is a separate non-profit now and then in Asia, it uses and the cool thing is that you can buy just enough credits for a single flight.

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