Something is causing a format problem. I’ve got too many plugins. It looks like it doesn’t display Chinese and some other characters correctly. Narrowed that down to the Textile 2 plugin I was using. Tried Text Control and the same issue. I really need Textile 2 because I use its table feature.

“”: has a good list of plugins that do work with 2.5. I don’t know why WordPress doesn’t ship with a Textile plugin. Arggh. He uses something called TextileWrapper to make it all work. And this seems to fix all the problems.

He has some other good plugins to try.

The main issue right now is the right side of the blog is way down at the bottom. Not clear why that is. It looks like when I set WordPress to display 10 posts and the posts got long that certain templates don’t work. Best advice, keep the number of posts displayed at the default 5. Certain themes seem to work like the simple ones for WordPress 1.5, but the whole Cutline family is very odd right now when you have too many posts displayed.

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