Now that the blog is working, somethings to make it easier. Shamus does a good review of plugin’s. Better than just browsing them all…Also trolling is fun as well.

Essential Plugins for WordPress 2.5 « Shamus Writes

Ozh has fast become one of my favorite plugin developers. He consistently creates plugins that are practical and high quality. I’m running three of his plugins on all my installations that make the WP 2.5 dashboard experience a lot more fun.

Admin Dropdown Ozh’ Admin Dropdown Menu reorganizes the WP 2.5 dashboard, putting all the links in a single row at the top of the dash. What’s more, a simple mouseover for any menu tab will display a dropdown menu that will give one-click access to any submenu in the dash. This plugin effectively cuts dashboard navigation times in half.

Absolute Comments Ozh’ Absolute Comments makes it fun and easy to reply to reader comments by reorganizing the Comments menu and allowing for instant comment reply right in the dashboard. It’s fast and powerful, and every WordPress user should be running this plugin.

Better Plugins Ozh’ Better Plugins Page cleans up and reformats the plugin page, making it a little easier to look at and use. It also provides a set of filters that can be used to display only a particular subset of plugins.

The WP 2.5 dashboard comes with a fixed width, which is rather ugly for those of us who use a large monitor resolution. Remove Max Width undoes this limitation and allows the dashboard to stretch completely from side to side.

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