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Well, “Igncap”: is nearly fully in the cloud. Our Exchange server is hosted (thank you “Applix”: which is the main thing. Our fax service is as well (thank you “Metrohispeed”: and is conferencing (thank you “”:, as it our external website/blog (thank you “WordPress”: and “BlueHost”: and intranet/wiki (thank you “Wikka Wiki”: so what is next:

* “File and Backup by Egnyte”: We are on a 15 day trial, but if you have 100Mbps or higher, then this might really work. It’s a server that let’s you back things up and have scratch storage. Right now, we have a pair of terabyte TimeCapsules, so it isn’t really too bad. In combination with TimeMachine, we’ve got a decent solution. We’ll give this a try.
* “Phone by Fonality”: The main issue is that We still have to buy a box for our IP PBX which is too bad. Maybe we’ll find another service that is all in the cloud in the next few years. . Fonality is kind of the right idea, but the box isn’t user configurable and they only work support 8-5PM. So really unacceptable for enterprise level. Trying “Pingtel”: next. Our trunks out are handled by “Broadvox”:
* “Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations”: We are still using Mac Office, but maybe google apps will change all that someday soon.

All of this is really thanks to “Cogent”:, which we’ll love or curse if the Internet is unrealiable.

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  1. if i was rnning a small biz i’d never buy office. i’d make people use google apps until it was proven that something was broken…

  2. @john: Well, I tried to use google apps for everything, but isn’t an offline solution that really works well for PowerPoint nor for Entourage.

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