Dining with company


So here is my own list of dining for a great occasion:

* Nishino. Omasekase dinner and get the private room too!
* "Art of the Table":http://www.artofthetable.net/reservations.html. This is the latest trend, semiprivate dining. Reservations are impossible and you have to do weeks in advance. Only for thursday, friday and saturday.
* "how to cook a wolf":http://www.nwsource.com/ae/scr/edb_vd.cfm?c=r&ven=51151&s=nws. what a great name. From the guy who did Tavolata and Union. In Queen Anne, with handmade italian pasta.
* "Opal":http://www.nwsource.com/ae/scr/edb_vd.cfm?c=r&ven=47533&s=nws on Queen Anne with a short but very creative menu.
* "Tavolata":http://www.nwsource.com/ae/scr/edb_vd.cfm?c=r&ven=45891&s=nws in Belltown with hearty Italian.

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