Beware! Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D tire failure


I got the "Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D": from "": a set of snow tires for the MDX. They were big and expensive ($136 each!) and 235/65HR17. I thought I was fine, but when the good guys at "Island Detail": took them off, they found the tread had separated on *all* four tires. Very dangerous and these were new tires.

So now, the question is what to do. This is one huge disadvantage of internet resellers, they basically say SOL. I have to go to a "Dunlop": authorized reseller and convince them that all four tires couldn't have failed with exactly the same time with identical symptoms (specifically, there is a concentric cut through the bottom of all the treads right down to the belts, like a knife at manufacturing cut through them all).

Good luck with that! "Goodyear": owns Dunlop brand, so I have to trundle over there and pray that someone listens.

There is a "warranty" You have to bring your invoice and where you installed it as well. "Tirerack Forums": have a big debate as background on the 3Ds which are essentially performance winter tires (that is, they work OK in the heavy snow, but perform well elsewhere).

I'm not the only one seeing manufacturing defects:

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Developed many thin cracks on inside sidewall. Discovered it when one blew out on the highway at 20,000 mi of use. All four had same problem to different degree. Obviously a manufacturing defect. I'm hesitant to use Dunlop again even with rebate

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