My buddy John says hanging with me is like living with Neo in The Matrix. Oh my goodness, this crash looks like the next depression. Ok buy ever book about the Great Depression and read them in a week.

Need to understand electricity trading. Buy all the books. Read over the weekend.

Need to be fluent in Chinese, buy all top 10 language guides (, rule!)

As Neo would say, “I know Kung Fu”.

This month the topic is Jungian psychology. Now there are lots if books here. There is a greatest hits list as my buddy Jon says so here are some notes.

Goddess in Every Woman. This reminds me of the Marketing Playbook. That is instead of lots of theory just gives some case studies to look at.

Rather than going thru the elements of Jungian psychology. Shinoda uses Greek myths to illustrate personality types or fragments. Reading it all is a bit scary and eerie as I’m sure we can all recognize bits and pieces from real life.

Athena. The goddess of pure reason. Everything has to make sense. Every I dotted and every T crossed. Busy and productive.

Hera. Wife of Zeus. Marriage us the ultimate goal as she seeks a man and believes in pure partnership. Doesn’t matter than Zeus has lots of faults.

Aphrodite. She just cares about pure love. That is the most vital and important thing. Each person in her life is special at the moment. Always excited and thrilled for the moment. She lives entirely in the heart.

And of course there is also the same book for guys called. The Gods in Everyman. Same idea. Who hasn’t met

Zeus. The head Olympian. Rules from afar. If angry sends a lightening bolt to strike down his opponent. With woman will appear in whatever form they desire. Lives in his head. Always planning.

Hermes. The messenger god. Travels to and fro. Never resting. Also known as the clever god or trickster. Will tell people what they want to hear. He’s what we’d call a multitasker or ADD kid today.

Poseidon. The lord of the sea. A place of deep emotion. In many ways the opposite of Zeus.

Apollo. The son of Zeus. Always the good son but never quite happy. But never quite assertive to lead. A golden boy with a perfect resume in our modern world.

Of course no one is ever pure. You can gave someone start out as Aphrodite and then realize she wants to be Hera. You can have a Zeus discover love and become a Posiedon. Or a Hermes put aside his tricks when he meets an Aphrodite.

As I read some of these deeper books. Getting through Iron John now and the ultraheavy new theory of Narcissism. But this Greek god stuff is fun to play with.

I’m Rich & Co.

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