This WordPress for the iPhone is so amazing. You can blog from your iPhone so now I can take hours to compose a long note.

Or I can share the amazing things I see in ordinary life. While a 2mp camera is truly lousy. Remember the first Leicas were designed with 1 megapixel resolution in mind. So while not tack sharp, the beauty is there.

In the old days I’d just send a photo or two to a dear friend or two but now it’s the world’s turn to see.

So what do we have?

Here we have just an ordinary fall day but then the light breaks just so in front my parked car.

Then we have the way the light just catches a city bus at 7am.

Or, semilegally is a look of a wave of clouds as they march across the sky. Finally we have a view of Seattle looking down on final approach after an exhausting 18 hour journey from Australia.

While they will never be huge prints. They are the life that is out there. You just sometimes have to pay attention 🙂

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