Canon Pro9000 on Time Capsule with Digital Photo Pro and Canon Platinum Pro Paper


OK, trying this new stream on the Mac with DPP and then printing to a Canon Pro9000 connected to a Time Capsule on this new paper which is Platinum Pro. Here are the notes on usage. The most important is that with the new paper you have to update the drivers. Both the regular and so the so called CUPS driver which is used if you have a networked Pro9000 on a Time Capsule.

You need a new driver for the Pixma Pro9000 called version 2.23 that adds the new papers Photo Paper Pro II and Photo Paper Pro Platinum. Is that enough P’s for you? bbconvert says he dried this with DPP with the options:

Canon Platinum Paper on Pixma Pro 9000: Printers and Printing Forum: Digital Photography Review

I tried the new Platinum paper using DPP and and Easy-PhotoPrint Pro 1.5.0 and with the following options:
Media = Photo Paper Pro Platinum
Quality = High
Color Mode = ICC
Printer Profile = Auto
Rendering Intent = Relative Colorimetric

And the results were a bit disappointing. The red/brown tones were clearly off and the print was a bit washed out.

The profile that you should use is PT1, PT2. I can’t find PT1 or PT2 even with 3.5.2 loaded, so they must live in a different driver than the default that Apple has for the Pro9000 in the default installation. Also there are two drivers on the Canon site. One for USB printing and then something called PT2 which I preume like PR1, PR2 and then PR3, higher numbers mean higher quality.

When you print with DPP, it is complicated. Choose Print with Detailed settings. Choose the paper type as A3 borderless. I normally shoot RAW at Neutral so there is no in camera sharpening for anything. I’ll probably change this to Neutral with sharpening set at one. RAW doesn’t have any sharpening or anything applied (which is why it is RAW), but JPEG does. So 1 is a good compromise. The Standard is set to 3 which is too high.

Anyway open your RAW with DPP and then set the sharpening. I normally view at 200% and find some hair in the portrait. It is going to look very grainy as my camera is 21MP and even at ISO 1600, there is digital noise. Then go to the NR tab and I normally pick the lightest noise reduction I can stand. Which is typically just 2 for both types of noise. Although with ISO 3200, I sometimes go to 4. This is also the tab to turn on peripheral illumination correction (aka as anti-vignette) and also distortion correctly. Then save the file as something new. I normally add a suffix _DPP

Then choose Print with Detailed Settings. When you choose print, make sure you set the quality option to Custom and choose High.

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