HD movies with iMovie 09


Well, Apple still doesn’t support Blu Ray which is surprising as they have all new MacBooks, so if you want to get high definition from your Mac, how do you get ready. First, you can get 1080p movies into iMovie via the import function, but to produce them, you choose Share/Export with Quicktime and chooise 1080 HD which produces this format. With the

Then you either hsow it with Quicktime from your Mac or go off and find a Blu Ray burner. I’m doing the former until this gets solved 🙂

On Mac, the only ansser I can find is a third party MCE which makes a Blu Ray burner for the desktop Mac Pro and includes Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 with Encore (what a name!) or you can also use Roxio Toast 10 Titanium with HD/BD Plu-in. The state of Blu Ray is strange right now.
Second generation Blu-ray ships for Mac

All the drives are natively compatible with OS X 10.5.2 or later, and can record directly from within the finder without any specialized software.

Blu-ray movie discs and content can be created with Adobe Premier Pro, Roxio Toast 10 Pro, and Final Cut Pro.

Since Steve Jobs was famously for Blu-ray before he was against it, Apple has not included any Blu-ray hardware in stock Macs, but the OS as mentioned supports burning data discs. Unfortunately, you can’t view a Blu-ray movie on a Mac unless you are running Windows XP or Vista under Boot Camp.

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