Bluetooth not found


Just so you don’t think I’m a complete Mac bigot, I’m having problems with both a MacBook Pro not sleeping and also now our unibody MacBook has lost its Bluetooth. Much on this in but apparently, there is a wiring problem inside the MacBook, the wires are too long so you have to open up your MacBook and lose your warranty to fix. The reason it can’t sleep is that i fyou look at the system log, you see the event, “USB event caused system wake” which is because the Bluetooth module is apparently loose and generating events.

Here is another fix which might be related to software…

I found a fix!! (working great so far) i have not seen this anywhere so i figured i would post it.
step 1: shut down computer
step 2: press and hold down power power button until computer turns on. dont just press to turn on. but press and hold until you hear a loud beep.
step 3: enjoy your new found bluetooth.

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