Leatherman, Laser rigs and Tires


Ok, the latest things acquired:

  • The water pistols that are electrically powered and which look like real guns are actually pretty cool. Lots of fun squirting
  • Used my Leatherman Wave over the weekend. What an amazing tool. Was top rated by Outdoor magazine three years ago, but never got around to it. Calvin loves it. The new Skeletool is way lighter and smaller with just one blade. Pricey at $72 though. Popular Mechanics just did a shootout. Main confusion is the various types of packaging and SKUs. You can get it with a leather sheath (cool!) and in a real box or in plastic (830037 is box and 830039 is clamshell cheapy plastic).
  • My Mazda tires have given out. Not enough rotation and the fronts only lasted 25K. That is too bad. What is worse is that they are $250 each even from tirerack.com. Might get a cheaper set of four just to get off the $800 per set upgrade train. I have the Bridgestone Potenza RE50 as the original equipment, but reviews complain of low tire life and I would have to agree. In comparing with other comparable ones on tirerack.com, the no-brand Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110 actually comes out first with the Yokohama ADVAN Sport not far behind and half the price. So I could get 4 for the price of two 🙂

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