Hey i posted mono cables were great and cheap but they only sync they don't charge ipads at all. Don't know why. See�

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  1. My cell phones won’t charge under Windows until you load a device driver for them. Windows disable the USB power on the port without a device driver to tell it to turn on. Older versions of Windows didn’t do that.

    1. Yes I didn’t know that. What a pain. But this isn’t the problem. Apparently the monoprice cables have something electrically wrong. I cant imagine what it is but their cables charge very slowly. Reported on the internet and I verified. Takes eight hours to get 10 percent charge. While a normal cable from apple or Kingston works fine. So you don’t really save money for that all important charging. I thought I was saving $2 vs. $20 for an apple cable but beware.

      Finally beware ofnipad chargers. T hey need to supply 2.1 amps and those that advertise compatibilty don’t. So I guess we are stuck with the expensive apple cables and chargers until third parties catch up. For $20 you can get a 2.1 amp car charger too.

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