Kinect and Move games


With new motion controllers, what are the best games out there.
For Move, the funnest one so far is Killzone 3 mainly because the integration with the Move "gun" is so good. It is incredibly natural to use (at least for Dad's, the kids like the old controllers) and the plot is really fun. You need both the move controller and the little pad as well as the game
For Kinect, these are mainly casual games, so I don't know them that well, but reviews 123Kinect seems to have the best of these. On this site, the ones they like at (8 out of 10) are:

  • Dance Central. We have this and I have to agree, really fun as a dancing game. Most natural and works amazingly well
  • Kinect Adventures. Haven't played this
  • Kinectimals. More for little kids.

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