Hey with all this push to make it possible to manage your home theater from Ipad and iPhone apps, here’s the net for people:

  1. Comcast DVR. This thing actually has a nice application on the iPad and iPhone directly from comcast for free that manages the box.
  2. Tivo Series 3. I don’t have a Tivo Premiere otherwise you can use the Tivo iPad application. If you have a Tivo Series 3, then TUAW. i.TV is a free application that let’s you send record requests, but doesn’t do full control of the TiVo box. There is a $3 application called DVR Remote that allows everything but volume control.
  3. Denon. They have a free application as well that controls their receivers and so forth.
  4. Crestron. If you have one of these expensive things, they now offer an iPad application

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