comcast approved modems


Hey with some great work, got a $280 a month Comcast bill (!!!?) down to $130. That's not bad considering it includes the triple play digital voice, internet and television. Main thing is that the promotions are really confusing. They don't put them up on the Internet, you have to go to the comcast store to find out what is what. The main thing was detuning the television package (no more HBO, etc.). And also there were a bunch of boxes that I didn't have or didn't use.
There is also a good two year commitment plan called Sureprice that lowers things by about 10%. Pretty clear that Qwest in our and Clear are not really competitive, so that seemed like a good option, plus they have a promotion around here that moves you from 12Mbps to 20Mbps for a year. You just have to watch the bill to make sure you don't get charged later.
So what's next, they have a $7/month renting a cable box charge. Turns out that you can also buy the boxes and that is a decent thing to do if you want to pay less than $7x24= $168 over two years. Their list of approved boxes is complicated and technical. You need Docsis 3.0 to get very high speeds for instance of 50Mbps plus. appears to be the geeks guide to cable modems 🙂 I apparently have a Arris Touchstone TM602G running Docsis 2.0 right now.
And DSL Reports is the spot for all of this. The latest version appears to be the TM722G which is $149 from Best Buy, so marginal for replacement. Maybe I should just ask Comcast nicely at the store for a replacement like we did for our DVR recently where we got a 250GB model in exchange for the 120GB ones 🙂
As an aside says that my current internet connection just with Docsis 2.0 is running at 32Mbps (wow!) and 3.4Mbps upload. That's amazing!

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