Ugh I somehow didn’t get the tines gift card discount in best buy. Somehow didn’t make it through the whole purchase process. But here are some new gizmos and things…
1. Apple AirPlay makes it easy to build music systems. As Macworld points out. How to. Just buy an airport express and hook it to an audioengines A5 power speaker set. It’s really nice because the airport express is wireless and plugs into an outlet in the back of the speakers so you only need one power outlet for the whole thing to work. If you want to splurge you can get the $600 B&W Zeppelin Air although with AirPlay you don’t really need to dock your phone to speakers anymore.
2. Griffin now makes a universal remote that might actually make sense. It uses Bluetooth to communicate with your phone or iPod touch and then has a base station with the ir transmitter. Now thats likely to be way mire usable than the Revos I’m using now. Because there is a free iOS app. See Macworld

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