Wow an amazing array of cars are headed to US in 2012 model year so hold off if you can. Clean Fleet reports that the Honda Fit is outselling the Prius in Japan. And is the best selling car. THe fit is much roomier and gets 72 to Prius 77mpg on the japanese average mileage scale (16mph average in the city!)
But The Prius line expands
* 2011 Prius – world’s best selling hybrid
* 2012 Prius v –midsized wagon with 40 mpg goes on sale Summer 2011
* 2012 Prius c Concept – city car hybrid goes on sale by Summer 2012
* 2012 Prius Plug-in Hybrid – best mileage of any Prius goes on sale by Summer 2012
E cool ones are the Prius v which looks like a little suv. The plug in hybrid actually isn’t at great as e Prius battery is small compared to an all electric.
And then there is the ford ev car. Wow. Personally I’d get a hond fit hybrid for long trips and a ev for in town. E hyrid will average 100mpg and is very low carbon while e fit hybrid gets 72. Pretty good compared to the 23 and 16 I get now 🙂

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