iPhone 2G

If you have an old iPhone 2G (like Asa and Grace), then you can unlock them even with the latest firmware. Redmond Pie has a guide, but with the old bootrom, you basically

  1. Find a custom IPSW that you just use iTunes to install which is nice since it can be hacktivated 
  2. Go through iTunes to install it with Option Restore

If you want to do your own customizations, then it is a little more complicated but here are the instructions

  1. You need an older version of Pwnage (1.5) that supports the original iPhone 2G
  2. Download the original IPSW for 3.1.3
  3. STart Pwnage and follow the directions to create your custom IPSW
  4. Go through iTunes to install with an Option Restore

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