WIND Clinic Team 2011 Preparation


To prepare for this

  1. Call the Cascade Locks and get a camping area. Find a site with water and electricity. These are a little more, but more convenient. The area that is the overflow for the regatta is not near the toilets and so forth. Want to be in the main area where the sites. It is $25/night for two families as long as you have two tents per site. Probably reserve three.
  2. There is a supermarket nearby and dinners are pretty informal. Need to bring a stove (jetboil) and a cooler.
  3. Everyone should bring their bikes because it is easier to get to the boating area.
  4. Should get a list of people who are going. And where they are staying. Also get the sail numbers, phone numbers of people there and emergency contact numbers and give to Ben and the various parents. Make a email alias of folks just going there or use if more convenient.
  5. Find out who is going down and when and do they need an SYC trailor. Ben is going down early to coach the 29ers the weekend before. He can take three lasers with him and if he has to bring the six laser trailer someone else has to bring the coach boat. So it is preferable to have people car-top and bring their own trailer as much as possible.
  6. The wind clinic has early registration. It was July 1st this year to sign up.
  7. Also bring a kite or something else fun. There is lots of wind there!
  8. Bring ear plugs if you are camping as there are trains that run at night and it is very close to the railroad tracks.

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