Just had a power failure, so the mind turns to UPS and backups for all those hubs and routers in the house. Nice to plug in your router and access point as well as any other mission critical things (like computers or home alarms) in. You don’t need an industrial one to run for say 30 minutes, so here’s a list. Tom’s Hardware did a good overview for high end computers. A high end computer usage is probably equal to one lightweight desktop, a router and a burglar alarm 🙂
The big questions have to do with how many watts (e.g., battery power) and whether it is doing a true sine wave or not. Cheaper units are not doing a true sine wave. Basically a true sine wave is much harder and expensive to produce. The lower cost CyberPower system for instance produces more of a triangle and it is half the cost so good for home and casual use. So they suggest the CyberPower for that.
If you want something industrial strength, then the APC seem to make the best models. I got the 900 watt CyberPower which will last about 20 minutes under a 600 watt full bore load. But is perfect to power a burglar alarm, a router and a gate controller (which draw much less) for a few hours.
I got the CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD for about $180 online via Google which supports up to 900 watts. It has an 8AH 12v battery so at the full 900 watts, it runs out in 2 minutes, with 450 watts, it runs out in 11 minutes. On my router, airport, alarm, gate and phone system, I draw about 100 watts, so I would get about 30 minutes I’d guess with this before their backup power needs to kick in.
The other one is the APC SMT1500 which is more industrial strength. Bigger battery which will last two hours at 100 watts, so closer to what I would need in a server room vs. a computer.

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