I have a DroboPro and it has been working like a champ, but we’ve had two power failures and I’m reminded I should put the whole computer and Drobo on a UPS so it can safely shutdown (yikes! but I already ordered one for the phone system, so if that UPS works, I’ll order another).
In any case, the Drobo mysteriously went off line. In looking at different posts, it is clear it somehow got stuck in a reboot loop which is pretty scary. Basically, the machine starts off and it first turns on all the lights, so you get blue and yellow lights in the front. That is the boot sequence and it can hang there.
The fix is to completely unplug the thing and to reseat all the drives. Obviously, you need to unplug because like any good computer, it doesn’t really turn itself off. Anyway after reading lots on the web that is what I did and it came back to life. The scary thing they ask you to do is that when you turn it on and all the lights are on, you then unplug the machine.
Wow that is scary. Also mentions that the power supply is the most likely thing to fail in the thing. Sad that it is external. Means i will be turning off the thing every night from now on now that crashplan.com has finished most of its backups.
That’s another reminder, it let me see how well crashplan worked. Man that is an amazing product. It just let’s you restore files selectively so easily. Get that product!

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