It’s a good thing, I backup on a Drobo, Crashplan and also do occasional backups to a Time Capsule, but anyway now the Drobo is failing in continual reboot and Crashplan shows files on the web but not my local client so I can’t restore. 
Another reminder that you can’t be too careful. So I’m
1. Have a support request into Drobo. I should probably buy their premium support package. Hopefully the disk themselves on the 7TB server are not corrupt.
2. Looking through Crashplan, looks like others have had this problem before although it takes losts of searching to find it. The restore is on the web, but not on the Crashplan client.
3. I need to buy a UPS for the Drobo as well and the iMac and figure out how it can do a safe shutdown. And maybe I need two Drobos ultimately? Crashplan has a feature where you can backup to a local device, so maybe I’ll setup my Time Capsules as backup destinations rather than being completely manual.

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