Seattle restaurants ala Seattle weekly best of 2011

Ok getting a little stale on restaurants and after a Kitchen Nightmare marathon ready to try some new ones. Here is what a quick scan of the Seattle Times found Little water cantina. Mexican. 2.5 stars. Eastlake 50 North. American. Near Uvillage. 2 stars Golden Beetle. Brett suggests some others that I’ve been to but […]

Answer to biking prayers…the new Shimano Ultegra Di2

This is the answer to all of us who want electronic shifting but can’t afford it. Shimano takes the next step and announces a lower cost version with the Ultegra Di2. It allows fora  28 tooth gear in the rear which is good. It has the sizes we want: standard Ultegra with chainset options of […]

More on Mac OS X Lion problems looks like Plex or Dashboard

Ok, here is where I am: crashes. It looks like this is related to the number of files opened. If I open about 100 or so, I get a MALLOC error. So limiting it to 40 or so files and being careful about this strange new auto open every file preview has ever seen […]

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