It is amazingly hard to get a listing of all the non-stops between US and China. Wikipedia appears to have the best list:
United flies

  • SFO to PEK and PVG
  • ORD to PEK and PVG
  • DUL to PEK
  • LAX to PVG

Continental flies

  • EWK to PEK and PVG

American flies

  • ORD to PVG, PEK
  • LAX to PVG

Delta flies

  • NRT to PVG and PEK
  • SEA to PEK

Air China flies

  • PEK to SFO, LAX, JFK

China Eastern (MU)

  • PVG to JFK

China Southern flies

  • Guangzhou to LAX

Hainan flies

  • SEA to PEK

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