I’m not sure what it is and not posted, but this application which I’ve used forever because it is so fast for previewing and going through photos is broken for me. The resume windows feature is very strange. It brings up old windows I don’t need. No apparent way to turn that off.
Also it seems to crash in CoreAnimation a lot. Sigh. Sometimes, going forward is going backward. Sadly on this new MacBook Air, there is no way to go back to Snow Leopard as it shipped preinstalled. That plus the broken iSCSI initiator and taking away Rosetta (so my monitor calibrator doesn’t work). remind me that even for Apple, an open PC environment is just too hard to keep working

2 responses to “Lion Preview.app very buggy”

  1. shane Avatar

    Hi rich,
    Thought I’d sign up just to tell you that, although this bug has been bugging me for a while, I believe the problem is with the 32bit version of preview. Either way, one time the situation became so bad that I couldn’t even use the keyboard. The way to fix the problem without shutting down the computer was to force quit the windowserver and loginwindow processes through ActivityMonitor. This closes all your programs and takes you to the login window, but for me, lion then went on to resume all my apps again. So if changing preview to 64bit doesnt work for you (using get info) and it happens to you again, (which it does to me all the time), give that a go.

    1. rich Avatar

      I tried the 32-bit version and it does crash still but lately it has happened less. Maybe something has changed over at Apple 🙂

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