Well who wants to pay $30 for an iPhone charger for your car or whereever. I just bought a round of dual chargers at half the price, here is a review:

  • XTG-IPAD2USB. The nice thing is that it has a 2.1 amp and a 1 amp charger for an iPad and something else. Actually because a car normally has a 2amp limit, it you plut your ipad in, you take most of it. But it works pretty well and is small. One sample had a defect where it wasn’t aligned right, but you just pull off the front plastic thing and it works. Not bad at $11 a pop via Amazon fulfillment.
  • Satechi iPhone holder. Get that iPhone out so you can see it and it works great if you have a bluetooth headphone system. At $24, this actually works really well and is perfect for GPS navigation.
  • RND cable. Well Monoprice used to make really nice cables for the iPhone at $2 a pop, but I’m guessing they weren’t licensed by Apple. There are many not so reliable ones, but the $10 from RND Cable are at least half the price and seem to work pretty well.
  • i.Trek iPAD-2USB. This is a compact wall charger that has two USB for the price of one. Works well. $18 or get it directly from Semson’s.

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