Photography lust

OK, just had a really wonderful photography do an event for us. There were two amazing things:
1. The lowlight performance of the Nikon D700 is just incredible. Can’t believe how wonderful those shots are with the soft light. Too bad I’m a Canon lense person
2. If someone really cared about me, they would get me the $2,100 Canon 85mm F/1.2 lense (although it has a $150 rebate on it now). This lense really does an incredible job at portraiture. It completely blurs the background. the numbers are confusing, but an F/1.2 lense is twice as fast as a F/1.8 so this is really great for available light. It is also faster now in its second version from Canon to be a decent fast indoor photography lense too. I’ll leave that on the wish list :-0
3. For macro photography of all those great flowers and things, there are things called extension tubes that cost about $180, but the best solution is a dedicated macro lense. The Canon 100MM F/2.8 HIS macro seems like a great choice. Again the most expensive at $900 with a $70 rebate. Drool.
4. Finally the long lense I have are the 70-200 and the 100-400 which I often don’t take because they are just too heavy, so a 1.4x extender at $500 seems like an interesting way not to have to pack the 100-400 with me 🙂 (right now I normally carry the 16-35, 24-105 and a 50 /f1.8 in the base kit with the 100-400 and a tripod and/or a Rode microphone and 2x viewfinder thingy going if I’m doing video).

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