Ok, here is where I am:
Preview.app crashes. It looks like this is related to the number of files opened. If I open about 100 or so, I get a MALLOC error. So limiting it to 40 or so files and being careful about this strange new auto open every file preview has ever seen mode (whose idea was that?). Not too much on the forums, but a bummer since I use preview to quickly go through photos I’m editing. Have to find another tool to do this quickly.
The iMac seems to freeze after resuming from sleep. Just get a spinning ball. Here’s the gist. But if you have a laptop it looks like automatic graphics switching. For other people resetting the SMC seems to help. this is an iMac, so I’ll try the SMC thingy. This is pretty easy. Basically turn it off and unplug it for 15 seconds. Another use says it is related to the lastpass utility I have loaded in Safari and Chrome etc. because there is more security than in the past, so I’m turning that off as well.
One thing that folks mentioned was that it could be because of applications that are restarting or what is in the login script. I remembered I had installed Plex and there is the Drobo, so uninstalled both. This really seemed to help. I’m guessing it was Plex trying to do indexing etc.
Another solution, “Solution for Freeze at login screen : Press F12 on yr keyboard. U can also try other F keys but F12 works just fine”
Sigh, this is sure like Windows!

Another thread is filling up with complaints about Lion freezing at the login screen (disabling the switching graphics feature in energy presets doesn’t help). Login screen freezes sometimes. “Colored rotating disc” appears, text cursor stops blinking and I can not do anything; I can not click anywere, I can not enter my user name/password… Only option is to hard-reboot the computer, which is not a pleasant thing to do.


4 responses to “More on Mac OS X Lion problems looks like Plex or Dashboard”

  1. john Avatar

    Dude you must move to aperture or lightroom for mass photo work. You are killing me.

    1. rich Avatar

      Thanks John. I should try it. The main reason is that ibhavent is that every time I’ve committed to an image management tool I end up with a crash and then have to start all over. iPhoto for example is wonderful but one little glitch or going to a new computer and the library is gone.
      Also I’ve found that I I make a mistake I end up with thousands of dupes that take too long to deduce manually. And one nice thing about using the raw file system keeps it straight.

      1. alexisn Avatar

        Rich, I completely relate to your woes regarding iPhoto and other image management tools – I too have used iPhoto & Aperture and experienced all of the problems you describe. However, I can’t recommend Lightroom highly enough – it allows you to manage your files however you want to, so you can keep your folder structure as it is at the moment and never need worry about a crash messing things up too badly.
        Basically it has all the features of Aperture but with more flexibility and no weird file formats – so it never gets any more frustrating than using preview would. Give it a whirl! And no, I don’t have any affiliation with Adobe 😉

        1. rich Avatar

          I agree with that as John has told me before, so need to give Lightroom a try.

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