Lifehacker has an incredible set of good tips and tricks for computers:
Photography. The best one is to download the Magic Lantern firmware for the Canon 5D Mark II. You throw it onto a compact flash card and it turns a decent HD camcorder into a great one. The main thing I haver to fix is my Rode Stereomic that keeps breaking (its mount is just so fragile!). Another is don’t use the rule of thirds in composition, but the Fibonacci (really the golden rule) series which in practice means the center of objects are close to the middle (instead of 1/3 1/3, 1/3, it is 1:0.618:1) so if you have a camera with a grid, put the person closer to the center than a normal grid. See below.

Mac. Well, Iphones seem to occupy most of my time, but it is nice to see some cool things to do with my macbook air sometime…Defensively, if you have boot into the installer (easy to do with Lion because it is on the hard drive), then you can open up any account. So make sure to turn on the firmware password to prevent that. Reboot the mac and hold down the d key and you will see the option to load the Recovery partition then choose Options./Firmward Password. With RSS feeds, you can now automatically download your favorite TV shows with the application TVShows (and a Bit Torrent client like Transmissions). Plus a good list of great freeware including VLC, Handbrake, Burn, Dropbox and Crashplan which I use, Cyberduck (which I used to use but Filezilla works better) and ones I have to try like Transmission (instead of Vuze), Adapter
iPhone and iOS in general. But apps I haven’t tried are Runkeeper Free, Panam (tree based audio player) p, Goodplayer (plays MKV and other formats so noth everything has to be MP4)
Firefox. Try Adblock Video to get rid fo ads on Hulu!

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