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Well it’s been two years at least since I’ve a passion for biking, (maybe a little burnout), but would be great to get back to it. Nothing like a little bike lust to get the competitive juices flowing and hopefully get back to it. Here are the big changes since my last big purchase (a Trek 5900 frame, running Campy 10, Topolino wheelset, Time stem, Speedplay pedals, TT bars and Ariane seat). So what has changed since then. Surprisingly not that much for things like seats, stems and wheelsets, but alot in frames, power meters and shifting. So here are the key components:

  • Trek Madone 6.7/6.9 SSL frameset. This is their new lightest frame set, nearly 100 grams lighter than 2010 and supposed to be stiffer. i tried on a year ago and it is sure stiff yet comfortable. Almost no flex when pedaling. There is no apparent change from 2011, but the big question is which can use the new Ultegra Di2. The fit is the H2. The budget leader if you are buying a new bike seems to be the 5.9 series as this is the 2010 frame but made in Asia for about half the cost of the Series 6. $3800 retail for the new frame!
  • Shimano Ultegra Di2. The new electronic shifting system at half the cost of last year’s Dura Ace Di2. About $2500.
  • Garmin Vector Pedals. These double as power meters and use the ANT+ standard so you can connect to say a Garmin 800 which is great. Costs $1500 which is really expensive, but way more flexible than the the SRM hubset that you have to keep changing (you can use any wheelset) and of course pedals are easy to move and change.

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  1. […] Rich writes about his biking obsession, I had no idea that you could get power-sensing pedals those days. Guys at Cornell are putting accelerometers in golf clubs. Many many groups have put accelerometers in football helmets to study concussions. The NFL is discussing sensors in balls. […]

    1. rich Avatar

      Yes, accelerometers and strain gauges in silicon are an incredible innovation really.

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