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Thanks to the iPhone and Android, it seems like the application market has reawakened, but PC Magazine et al don’t seem that good at doing reviews. Lifehacker actually has a pretty good list of top utility applications.
Here is my list culled from them and what I use:

  • VLC. The best all around video player.
  • Handbrake. To encode your DVDs to MP4s
  • Skype. Does work decently well now
  • Burn. To burn DVDs if you still do that stuff.
  • uTorrent. Although I actually use Vuze.

The main thing here is avoiding buying voice minutes and text messaging from carriers, use Skype and Google Voice respectively

  • Camera+. The best replacement for the core Camera application mainly because it image stablizes
  • Goodplayer. Plays AVIs and so forth as the builtin player only likes MP4s
  • Skype. This works amazingly well and over 3G as well for those of you with big data plans and wanting to use small minutes
  • Google Voice. Don’t be confused the main thing is free SMS. So try that
  • Orchestra. I used to use ToDo, but stopped got tired of it.
  • QuickOffice Pro. I use a bunch of these
  • Waze. Actually fantastic and free turn-by-turn navigation
  • Oregon Settler. Completely addicting
  • Harbor Master. Actually better on the iPad
  • DVR Remote. Use your iPhone for Tivo
  • Airplay. This is built in, but so useful to play to any Airport Express
  • iCloud Music. Wow this works pretty wel

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