I used to love Call of Dutry because it seemed so realistic, but today with bunny hopping, running and gunning, it isn’t close to the first games I played when simulation of real stuff was the fascination. Although boring by today’s standards, the original F-16 simulation (you can still get it open source), F-15 Eagle, Ghost Recon were amazing for their detail.
So today, what can you do on a console. Well it turns out that if own a PC, then ARMA 2 (armed assault 2) is hyper realistic and the closest cousin is something called Flashpoint: Red River. I’ve been playing it and it sure is different if it is truly one shot one kill. No more just jumping around. The levels are difficult, but I’m looking forward to trying ARMA2 as soon as I figure out a machine that can run Windows 🙂

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