Vacuum cleaners


When outfitting the house years ago, I literally went through consumer reports looking for things and picked up a highly rated upright from Sears. Now the little blinky light is flashing and i"m thinking, have I ever changed the bag? Can't remember even how to open it. But full it looks. So thanks to the miracles of the Internet, here's how to save on things:

  1. Hepa filter. I didn't realize it, but this thing has its own separate micro filter that yo are supposed to change every year. OOps! It is model 86889 and there are a bunch of generics for $8 bucks for 3 compared with Sears. 
  2. The bags. There are two kinds cloth (50690) and paper (50688). The cloth is theoretically a little better, but you have to use the right vendor to get an actual cloth bag. At a dollar each, I don't suppose it makes much difference, but these are much less than Sears. The confusing thing is that Amazon fulfils, but different folks sell, so make sure you get a good vendor. These folks called More Quality Less Money seem to have a good reputation.

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