iPHone accessories


Well, the Scorsche dual usb chargers while cheap have not been durable of the four I've bought, two had things snap off, so I'm back to the Griffin which for $4 more includes a iPhone charge cable. I also got a $40 iPhone holder fo the car, but it gets loose, so trying a $13 iOttie one.
Also, the $2 Monoprice headphones are just not durable, but looking at Amazon, for $8, you can get Maxell MMEB M&M headphones (they come in all kinds of colors). I'm also trying the Sony MDREX310LP $50 headphones as two of my $200 ER-4s have both died with dead earbuds (loose connections).
As a kind of strange aside, Amazon is now charing sales tax if your billing address is in Washington, but not if you buy from a vendor outside Washington (even if they fulfil), so it makes sense to study alternative vendors from Amazon LLC as some have lower prices but also offer free shipping.

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