Disneyland galore

Well haven’t been down to Disneyland in years, so interesting to see how things have changed. Last time it was a blizzard of fast passes and early entry as well as single rider lines. According to Trip Advisor things haven’t really changed much, but here is the scoop:

  1. There are two parks there. California Adventure and Disneyland. You probably want to get the Park Hopper so that you can do both.
  2. You want to get early entry if you can. The park opens up an hour early and this is normally Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. However during spring break, the parks just open at 8AM all the time (so wake up early!)
  3. They have something called Fastpass which let’s you book a time to go. The fastest way is actually just taking the single rider line, but Fastpass is cool. The main concept is that you go to a kiosk get a Fastpass for a ride and then before you get on the ride, you get another fast pass. The other complexity is that there are four fast pass networks, two independents focused on Cartoon Spin. And then two system wide networks for California Adventure and Disneyland. It only covers the big rides, but basically you can get four FastPasses and you should be on time and get a ride.

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